At SAMRAT TYRES, we ensure that the privacy of all the users is maintained whosoever visits our websites. Our Privacy Policy explains how the company collects your information, holds it, uses the data, and discloses it to the third parties. SAMRAT TYRES assures the users that the Personal Information collected from them will not be shared, sold, or rented out to others. While accessing our website, the users bind by our Privacy Statement.

Each time the visitors or the users will use our website the current updated Privacy policy will be applicable. SAMRAT TYRES maintains the highest standards for the security of the transaction taken out at our site and the consumer's data. Our Policy is incorporated and is subject to the “Terms of Use.”
In case, consumers have any questions regarding our Privacy Policies, they can reach out to us through Us or call us at +91 9033497582

The scope of the Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting the privacy of registered users, suppliers, installers, and the shareholders. Our Policy is applicable to all the products and services.

Processing of Personal Information

The visitors at SAMRAT TYRES may visit our website without providing any kind of personal information. However, at some point, the users need to supply personal information for the site registration, for Franchise Inquiry, for Tyre Warranty, or for Tyre Servicing which we are providing online through Pick and Drop service. Every time the users provide the data on our website, it is safeguarded in accordance with the legal obligations that are formed for processing the personal details of the customers.

In case, the user is book any service online from our from our website, then we require Personal Identifiable Information (PII) from the consumers on our order forms. This includes contact details like name, correspondence address, contact number, and E-mail. We also require the Phone Number. These details are used to process and make billing for your services. If you are facing any issue while booking the services online, our customer support will use these details to contact you.

Use of Collected Data by Customers

collects the details from the users at different points. It can be saved without limitation when the customer:

  • When the customers want to make claim of their tyre, when warranty period in on-going.
  • For pick and drop service.
  • For Franchise Inquiry

  • We use the Personal Identifiable Information of the user if we are facing any problem in the completion of the tyre servicing. We will use the details to contact the customers.

    Moreover, the consumers must not provide PII such as Date of Birth, Credit Card number, Aadhar Number, etc. while having any communication with the SAMRAT Tyre or any of its associates via E-mail or on the call. If any customer is indulging in this practice, then they are doing it on their own risk. They are releasing SAMRAT Tyre or its affiliates from any kind of damage, liability, or the causes of the action.

    If you are sending us any letters or E-mails, or the third parties and some other users are sending us information about your postings of the site or other relative activities, then we will gather the information that is specific to your profile. Even the consumers can choose not to provide any PII, but can still access our website. In this case, the users will not be able to access those portions of SAMRAT Tyre website that requires your Personal Identifiable Information.

    For Pick-Up And Drop Service

    Service Coverage : Our pick and drop service operates within Specify Service Coverage Area [Rajkot, Gujarat]. We reserve the right to refuse service outside of this area.

    Booking & Payment : All bookings must be made in advance through our designated Booking Form. Payment is due at the time of booking and can be made via [Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI and Cash].

    Cancellation & Refunds : Cancellations made Specify Cancellation Period [30 Minutes] prior to the scheduled pickup time are eligible for a full refund. Cancellations made after this period may incur a cancellation fee. Refunds will be processed within Specify Refund [With In 1 Hour]Processing Time.

    Service Hours : Our pick and drop service operates 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Any requests outside of these hours may be accommodated based on availability and may incur additional charges.

    Passenger Responsibility: Passengers are responsible for ensuring they are ready for pickup at the designated time and location. Failure to be present may result in a missed pickup fee.

    Luggage & Belongings: Passengers are responsible for their luggage and belongings during transit. SAMRAT TYRE LTD. is not liable for any loss or damage to personal property.

    Vehicle Conditions: Our vehicles undergo regular maintenance to ensure safety and comfort. Passengers are expected to treat the vehicle with respect and avoid any behavior that may cause damage.

    Driver Conduct: Our drivers are trained professionals committed to providing excellent service. Any misconduct or inappropriate behavior by the driver should be reported immediately to Phone No. +91 9033497582 .

    Terminologies Relative to Website used by SAMRAT Tyre
    1. Cookies

    The Cookie is a kind of technology that helps the users in providing them with the tailored made information from the Company's website. A Cookie is a small and removable piece of data that is stored on the user's PC through its Internet Browser. Our website uses the cookies so that we can serve the users in a better way.

    By sending cookies, the customers are not identified personally by our site. These are used to collect the non-personal information related to our website users. When the site sends cookies, the users are notified, but you can accept it, erase or block it. In case, you block them then the consumer will not be able to access a few features of the website.

    1. Google Analytics

    SAMRAT Tyre uses some of the tools provided by the Google that consist of the Google AdWords Conversion Tracker, Google Analytics, and other types of Google Services that places the cookies on the user's browser. The Cookies helps us in providing personalized website experience to the users and even increase the site's effectiveness for the visitors. Google reads and sets these cookies. For more information on Google Analytics, the users can refer to Google Privacy Policy.

    If the users want to opt themselves out from the tracking of Google Analytics, then you can visit Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-On or the Google Ads Preference Manager.

    3. Anonymous Data

    Our website collects the Anonymous data from the users when they visit most of the pages on the SAMRAT Tyre's website. It contains the general information relative to your contact data but does not identify you personally or connect with any particular use to you. As the user's visit the site, it provides SAMRAT Tyre with the data that is not the PII. This data does not include browser type, Internet Protocol (IP) address, Domain name, operating system, referring website addresses, and the access timings.

    Even some part of the SAMRAT TYRE'S site uses the JavaScript and .PhP to facilitate the customer's use and monitor the traffic. The Anonymous data is used to get the general statistics about the SAMRAT Tyre's Company website and the specific web pages of the site. It is also used for evaluating that how the users navigate or utilize our company's site on an aggregate. Here the Anonymous data is not linked with any of the details or personal information of the customer.

    Warranty registration, Franchise Inquiry and Booking Tyre Service Online

    SAMRAT TYRES requests for the details from the users of our site through the online booking of tyre servicing, Franchise Inquiry and Warranty registration. The Customer in these online booking process is completely on a voluntary basis. Our customers have the choice regarding booking online tyre servicing and disclosure of the information. The requested details may include the following:

  • Name, Phone and E-mail
  • Pick and Drop Address
  • Zip Code and Invoice Number
  • Other relative Information

  • The above data is used to convey about the contest winners, analysis of the website traffic, and to award prizes to the customers. This will help in improving customer's experience on all the SAMRAT TYRE'S websites. The customer which book our service online are subjected under the applicable terms and conditions and the applied laws. The terms, conditions and another set of rules are assessed at the time of your participation.

    Our Security Procedure

    SAMRAT TYRES takes reasonable measures to protect the available information of the user on our website. When the consumers provide PII to our Company, we take stringent and accepted steps to protect your information both in off-line and online mode. We keep a check on the site's activities, so there is no misuse or any unauthorized access by the miscreants.

    Our Company has a well-documented security program that controls the technical, managerial, physical or operational security control measures. The 100% assurance of storage of data over the Internet or through the electronic medium cannot be provided. However, SAMRAT TYRES strives hard to protect your information. The Code of Conduct coerces our Company's employees to protect the confidential information of the user. We also take the necessary steps to ensure that the third parties use your PI with utmost security measures.

    Updating of Account, Special Offers, and Opting Out Service

    We occasionally send the updates and account for related information to the customers that may include latest announcements and service offerings by us. We believe this information to be of great value to our customers. We can even merge with third parties in a lawful manner for the collection of the user-related data for marketing our products and services.

    We may connect with you through E-mail, Fax, or Telephone to provide related content, services, notification about the offers, details about the product, discount for the consumer service or any particular account. Moreover, the users of SAMRAT TYRES account can choose not to receive the marketing information by clicking on “Unsubscribe” link provided in every email. The uses can even “reply” the email with mentioning “Unsubscribe” in the subject. We will take out your email from our mailing list.

    Privacy Queries

    If our customers have any query based on our prices, use of their information, transmission of details to third parties, or any other aspect, then you can reach us through Us or call us at +91 9033497582 or Contact Us page.


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